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Focus on swine

Phytobiotics offers a variety of products to increase the performance of your livestock.

The natural way towards strong pigs

A stable feed intake is key to ensure pigs can produce at their genetic potential when facing challenging periods. Specific botanical compounds can help supporting pigs in these conditions, hence maintaining feed intake in sows, piglets and grower-finisher pigs.

Phytobiotics products for swine

The Phytobiotics Sangrovit® product line guarantees a consistent feed intake throughout the production cycle, supporting the pig and your profits!

Phytobiotics Plexomin® – innovative trace element formulations ensure highest digestibility of trace minerals in all your pigs from sow to grower. 

Phytobiotics Miracol® flavors and sweeteners from carefully selected raw materials enhance the attractiveness of your pig feed. With high-quality flavors, we ensure long-lasting sensory effects, optimal feed acceptance and a consistent feed intake.

Immune Milk is Phytobiotics’ high-quality colostrum powder. It is rich in immunoglobulins, lactoferrin and many other natural immune and growth factors to optimize life start for your piglets. Make the right choice and support your piglets with Phytobiotics’ Immune Milk during the suckling phase and at weaning, especially when litter sizes are extraordinarily big.

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