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Investing in Middle East
Phytobiotics is continuing its expansion course.

In January Phytobiotics acquired a significant share in the Turkish company NutriMOORE ( NutriMOORE´s philosophy is based on providing consultancy to animal health problems and solid recommendations to solve them. NutriMOORE has many years of experience and knowledge in this area, especially on gut health, with its expert business associates.

NutriMOORE, founded in 2019 by an intestinal health expert İbrahim Arpacı, brings together experienced leaders in their fields. Arpacı, who graduated from Ankara University Veterinary Faculty in 1989, started his career in poultry production department and later worked as technical manager at Pfizer and Vimar. Before establishing his own company NutriMOORE, he continued his business life by serving at ANC for many years in line with the technical infrastructure he had.

This is a strategic investment for Phytobiotics, as the company has great growth ambitions for the Middle East. The NutriMOORE investment is seen as a clear commitment to further develop Phytobiotics position in the Middle East. “NutriMOORE is delighted to have gained Phytobiotics as a strong shareholder with an excellent portfolio of products.”, says Dr. Ibrahim Arpaci, founder of NutriMOORE.

“Phytobiotics looks back on almost two decades of excellent business relationships in Turkey and many countries in the Middle East. The company has many longstanding business friendships throughout the region. It was time now to invest in this region with our own presence.”, says Dr. Hermann Roth CEO & owner of Phytobiotics Group. “Phytobiotics has very ambitious growth objectives, not only with our historical portfolio of Sangrovit®, Miracol® and Plexmomin®, but also with our latest additions Active D and Immune milk.”

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