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Miracol® – the new flavor standard for animal nutrition
Phytobiotics’ palatant line Miracol® is geared to become the new flavor-standard in animal nutrition.

The ”SymBiotic” that makes sense
Phytobiotics’ palatant line Miracol® is geared to become the new standard in animal nutrition. Phytobiotics and Symrise are intensifying their longstanding cooperation to better serve the customers of the animal feed domain locally.

Phytobiotics’ portfolio comprises state-of-the-art flavors, different sweeteners and combinations of both, tackling modern feed challenges of feed intake, animal welfare, branding and masking of raw materials. Phytobiotics and Symrise have been partners for over 15 years on the flavor part of the business. Phytobiotics will make Miracol® the new palatant standard in animal nutrition.
Symrise, headquarted in Holzminden in Germany, is one of the global power houses when it comes to flavors. With sites in more than 40 countries in Europe, Asia, North America, Latin America and Africa, the global presence of the flavor segment is guaranteed.

Moving closer to you
Products will continue to be jointly developed at the respective headquarters. Production however will be localized, combining Phytobiotics and Symrise global presence. Procedures have been simplified, making them customer-oriented and pragmatic. Close links of R&D and creation, manufacturing, business units and marketing are implemented. Manpower has been added and dedicated to Miracol®, to ensure that projects and follow up are consistently achieved in a timely manner.

Phytobiotics Palatant PM Mrs. Kathrin Rieser says: “This global cooperation with local execution is a sustainable approach to ensure same quality and premium service, wherever the customer is located.”

Mr. Dirk Müller, Vice President Business Development Sales EAME of Symrise adds: “This longstanding partnership is perfectly in line with the Symrise approach “The power of holistic action “. Symrise is happy to actively support a journey to make Miracol® the leading brand in Animal Nutrition in the medium term. During the next few months Symrise and Phytobiotics are implementing local sourcing in various countries.”

With the rapid growth of Phytobiotics global network, ambitious growth targets and increasing industrial footprint, Phytobiotics is confident to become one of the Top 3 Palatant suppliers within the next 5 years.

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