HOT TOPIC – Disease treatment using Immune Milk

Application Challenges Immune milk Science & Research

Contents and benefits of bioactive molecules of colostrum
Colostrum contains immunoglobulins, growth factors, hormones, enzymes and numerous other bioactive molecules. It offers young animals far more than just highly digestible nutrients.

What is Immune Milk?
Immune Milk is Phytobiotics colostrum powder, 100% bovine colostrum sourced from German dairy farms. Utilizing a state-of-the-art vacuum dryer, our product is dried at low temperatures to preserve its quality without any loss.

Unlock the potential of Immune Milk: your ultimate solution for healthy calves
Introducing Immune Milk, a premium bovine colostrum powder meticulously developed to revolutionize calf health and immunity. Backed up by cutting-edge scientific research, Immune Milk emerges as the pinnacle of preventive care for your valuable livestock.

The efficacy of colostrum powder in disease prevention among calves was unequivocally demonstrated. The researchers observed a significant reduction in the incidence of infectious diseases following colostrum powder supplementation, unveiling its potential as a powerful preventive measure.

Unlock the potential of Immune Milk: Using colostrum as a treatment?
A recent study from 2023 delved into the immunomodulatory effects of colostrum powder. The findings revealed an enhanced immune response in supplemented calves, leading to increased disease resistance which is an invaluable asset in safeguarding calf health.

Supplementation of colostrum powder shows protective effects against gastrointestinal infections and reduces the need for antibiotic therapy. The severity and duration of diarrhea decreased in calves fed colostrum powder, underlining the essential role of immune milk for gastrointestinal health.

Moreover, a study published in Comparative Clinical Pathology in 2007, investigated the impact of colostrum powder on calf health parameters. The results indicated superior overall health status and a reduced incidence of disease in calves supplemented with colostrum powder - underscoring its unmatched efficacy in promoting calf well-being.

Furthermore, a recent study from 2023, the preventive potential of colostrum powder against respiratory infections in calves was highlighted. The researchers observed a reduced prevalence of respiratory diseases in supplemented calves, showcasing the product's efficacy in bolstering respiratory immunity.

A growing body of research supports the effectiveness of colostrum powders in reducing the risk of neonatal calf diarrhea. A significantly lower incidence of diarrhea was reported among calves receiving colostrum powder supplementation, reaffirming Immune Milk as a cornerstone in disease prevention.

In studies mentioned above, colostrum powder was used together with milk replacer in a 1:1 ratio to treat diarrhea.

In conclusion, the scientific evidence unequivocally demonstrates the efficacy of Immune Milk in preventing various diseases in calves, ranging from infectious to gastrointestinal and respiratory infections.

Choose Immune Milk today and unlock the potential of nature to nurture healthier and productive calves.

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About the author

Dr. Oguz Calisici studied veterinary medicine in Germany and Turkey. After completing his doctoral Thesis at the University of Hannover, he continued working at the university in the areas of biotechnology and artificial insemination. After working as a practical vet in Germany, Oguz was the managing director of a large dairy company in Turkey. At Phytobiotics, Oguz has taken over the product management of Immune Milk.

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