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Phytobiotics now in Spain and Portugal!
Phytobiotics establishes branch for the Iberian peninsula.

Phytobiotics started up its own business called Phytobiotics Ibérica with its headquater in Màlaga to meet the needs of the fast growing market on the Iberian peninsula for animal feed / premix as well as plant production.

„The integrated model, which is very strong in Spain and Portugal, has led to a market which demands the direct service and competitive solutions from one provider“, explains Dr. Hermann Roth, CEO and owner of Phytobiotics group.

„Our goal is it to be closer to the market and become even more competitive.“, adds Thomas Ihnen, Managing Director of Phytobiotics Ibérica as of july 2021. Thomas Ihnen, a studied agricultural engineer, has many years of sales experience in the field of animal nutrition in the international market as well as in the Spanish and Portuguese market.

Spain isn´t only the biggest pig producer in Europe but also one of the biggest producer of poultry meat and eggs. The country also plays an important role in the ruminant sector. Furthermore the Iberean peninsula is one of the main producers of herbal products.  Phytobiotics Ibérica will directly serve all segments with its range of proven and efficient raw materials, feed additives and a new range of crop science products.

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